Founder Mr. Babu Thomas

Jesus Associate was formed in January 2003 at Malad, Mumbai by Mr. Babu Thomas. During these years Jesus Associate concentrated on developing a team of entrepreneurs under it's guidance, who runs their own business through Direct Selling system. Having a strong and unbeatable spirit for the growth, Jesus Associate have already grown to a level, where it enjoys a non competitive business empire.

Let's now quote his own words as this may prove as a great inspiration for those who look for a successful life in future.

"My name is Babu Thomas and I live with my family at Malad. My wife is also a business holder with Jesus Group. I first heard about Direct Selling through my brother in law. I made the decision to grow with Direct Selling and it changed my life opening up a whole new world of opportunity. I am working in Direct Selling family for last 8 years.

It has been an absolute privilege to introduce thousands of entrepreneurs to a new way of life based on financial independence. Direct Selling is a new way to create wealth and ensure that every level of society is benefited with quality products that improve everyone's lifestyle. I am sure in the near future; the Direct Selling marketing industry in which Jesus Group is the absolute marker leader will be recognized as a beacon of inspiration across the world.

Direct Selling has really changed my life as my previous business was that of a diamond polishing company. But there were business losses despite the fact that I had worked for over 20 years. Even though this business was considered to be a high return business, there were several challenges in my quest to have good lifestyle.

With Direct Selling all that changed and there was no stopping in my journey into the life of my dreams. Along with Lakhs of other entrepreneurs who contribute centrally to our success, my goal now is to take Direct Selling to the No 1 state. On this glorious occasion, I convey my best wishes to our beloved Jesus Group team and every single member of our Jesus Group Family!"

Let's grow together!