Jesus Associate was formed in January 2003 at Malad, Mumbai by Mr. Babu Thomas. During these years Jesus Associate concentrated on developing a team of entrepreneurs under it's guidance, who runs their own business through Direct Selling system. Having Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Pvt. Ltd. as the strong and unbeatable backbone for the growth, Jesus Associate have already grown to a team of more than six hundred thousand and counting. It has hundreds of Crorepaties and thousands of Lakhpatis in the team already.

Jesus Associate has a systematic approach towards the business and its training programs. It realizes to be a good role model for your team and demonstrate good leadership skills then only you are going to be a true Direct Selling professional and business owner who works to achieve duplication and leverage in your business. The holistic approach of Jesus Associate allows leaders to operate in complex environments, navigate through strategic uncertainty and effectively manage change in the markets.

Jesus Associate recognize the importance of Direct Selling education for the success of our distributors and subsequent success of Jesus Associate. We are offering a finely tuned and professional training program that goes with the territory and is mandatory for long term distributor and company success.

Our experienced leaders will not hesitate to expand their hands towards any new member who require a support to establish the team. We assure, with the help and guidance of these experienced hands you can also easily become an achiever in your life.

So, what are you waiting for? Come, be a part of this prestigious and successful group today!